Waterway Ballet

The seconds coast


Time’s respite

through narrowing waters,

creeping shadows

the reflections of light.


the reflections of light.

A break from being hurried

the alliteration of currents

mystery of ripples

by-standing nettles

jetties and webbed branches


bask in gravelly sunlight.

Pebbled beams

tease the water’s skin.

We coast past the emerald graft

of moss over logs, lost

to the rhythm of unraveling water


A cluster of calm

stagnant locks

staccato of pond skaters

summon the mud from waters

palpitations of rain

on memorial benches by fenced-off copses.


The echo under bridges

under bridges


the sludge of footpath mud

stuck soles.

Under the bloat of a fattening moon

by tight clouds that fasten into night.


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