I can’t see which way you’re facing.

Curved like a question mark

your head turned

with the sheet spinning around you.


It was too much tonight.

One drink too much. Messy.

And now I am awake and listening

To each song in a different way. Wake.


As you sleep

And you sleep

You sleep




Two Skeletons Embracing

(in a Woodchester  burial site)


I died first and you couldn’t wait.

Couldn’t live.

You held your breath,

stopped your heart,

begged for death

and it came

and lead you to me.


Some soul wrapped your knee

around mine

and we spooned time,

clasped, became entwined

and we were wishbones.


Our skin shed bodies,

left mannequins

draped in earth.



an aged


buried in grass

lost in the past.